Activities and events at Royalton Place

Activities & Events at Royalton Place


At Royalton Place, our activities and events are determined by our residents. We frequently hold group and one-on-one meetings with our residents to ensure that we are offering the opportunities that will be most interesting to them. Our entire program is based on the seven dimensions of overall wellness, ensuring that we are offering a wide spectrum of options to touch on physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, social, occupational and environmental wellness.

Stimulation for Your Mind

A typical day at Royalton Place might start with a walk in the garden or maybe a nice yoga class to get the blood flowing. After that, you might choose to pick up a new hobby or skill by attending an art class, join friends for a friendly game, or hop our motor coach to go shopping or visit a nice local venue. In the afternoon and evening, there are frequent opportunities to have social time with friends, enjoy musical performances or watch a movie. If you prefer to be a bit more laid back, you may decide to spend your afternoon relaxing in the library with a good book by the fireplace.

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